Our Daybreak Story

In August 2018, we attended the Converge Church Planting Assessment Center in Denver, Colorado. The Lord had already placed the greater Salt Lake City area on our hearts and we had already begun to scratch the surface of learning about the LDS culture. We had dreams of seeing a light shining to break through the darkness of the valley, and we named our (then hypothetical) church Daybreak for the assessment process.
In April 2019, we took our first vision trip to Salt Lake City. We had the opportunity to sit down with some other Converge church plant pastors from the area and discuss what it's like to plant a church in the Salt Lake Valley. We started talking about church names and they asked us if we had any ideas. We rattled off a short list. Then we paused and looked at each other. There was one more name that felt near and dear to our hearts -- almost too personal to share.
Our new friends saw right through us and asked if there were any other names we'd thought of. Almost too quiet to hear, David said, "Daybreak." One of the pastors said, "Oh! You want to plant in Daybreak."

"In Daybreak? No, we want to plant Daybreak Church. What do you mean in Daybreak?" Chaos ensued. When the dust settled and we stopped speaking two different languages (at least that's how we see it in our heads), this was the moment we found out that there's a master planned community in South Jordan ... named Daybreak!

We drove around Daybreak that night and God blew our minds. We knew this would be the place. For obvious reasons (read: lawsuit), we won't be calling the church Daybreak. But we're working on a really great name.

Daybreak is an extremely fast-growing area with about 15k residents currently and a forecast for over 50k in the next 15 years. We see this as a huge opportunity to move into a neighborhood with a whole bunch of people doing the same thing. It gives us the chance to meet new families all experiencing a similar life situation - building a new home and/or moving into a new neighborhood. With God's help, we can catch them in transition, when most people are looking for a new normal. Our prayer is that their new normal includes a life-changing relationship with Jesus.
The Henderson Family